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topic(s) Bio Energy, Electric Mobility, Energy Positive, Green Roof, Hybrid Energy, Hydrogen, Local Materials, Passive Building, Recycled Materials, Solar Energy, Sustainable Materials, Water Recycling, Zero Emission
type Urban planning
client Dansk Arkitektur Center (DAC)
location Copenhagen, Denmark


What if Denmark had an energy bill to zero?
The environmental problems threatening the planet is not only political, economic or ecological - they are quite simply a matter of design!
The project HySociety is a vision of a town with electricity, water and heating bill of zero. An urban super block, which consists of a cross-section of Denmark, boiled down to a housing and workplace for 1,500 people, in which all current available technologies are used in the most advantageous way. HySociety is an experiment to show that sustainability is not a question of science fiction, but on scientific facts.
HySociety arguing against the fundamental misunderstanding which sees ecology to economy, as “the good against the evil”. In reality, they are not diametrically opposed, but rather two sides of same coin. Organic initiatives will only grow in the real world, where they function as viable economic models. In HySociety economy and ecology fuse to ecolomy.
In economics, the waste worthless. In ecolomy there is no wastage. By designing a series of related circuits, which leads excess waste back into the circuit as revenue, HySociety represents Denmark with an energy bill of zero dollars - a society where the more energy used, the more energy is being created.
The blocks are shaped so they are optimized in terms of utilization of solar energy. All offices are located on the north-facing facades, so they do not have to use more energy for cooling. All south-facing facades are solar cells and housing which are passively heated by the sun. Various functions are placed in the middle of the blocks which do not require sunlight, such as a gym, a supermarket, etc. All are combined with parking in order to create a block of hydrogen-powered cars.
The cars in Hysociety play a key role in the ecolomy circuit. The problem with natural energy sources such as wind and solar, is that you cannot count on them - they work only when the wind is blowing or the sun shines. What the block needs is an energy exchange, where all energy can be invested. The currency is hydrogen. Waste products from the hydrogen, clean water, heat and oxygen, helps to supply the block with basic needs. Instead of being ecologies worst enemy, being in the car helps to improve HySociety’s condition!