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Pieter Weijnen


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What is your green vision?
Sustainable building should be the only way we’re constructing these days. We shouldn’t let future generations pay for our building methods of today. Not only by adding CO2 into the atmosphere, but also by having them pay more than necessary for energy consumption. The costs of heating a home will rise substantially in the next decades. If we don’t invest in designing and building energy sufficient homes that consume less energy right now, the costs of living in such a home will become more and more expensive over time.

This means having the courage to use new techniques, materials and ways of thinking. Designing a building should be approached for durability on all levels: ecological, social and physical. This means extra investments at this moment, so we can benefit from these choices in the long run.  Most important is that one tries something new instead of holding on to tradition.
FARO Architecten has build up a certain knowledge on sustainable building. We plan to share this knowledge and will continue to learn from others.

On what sustainable project are you working on?
We’ve just completed a design for the IBA in Hamburg, in which we designed a home as a living organism. We’re also still developing the design for an old silo in Amsterdam, that will be transformed into office and public space. Our home on Steigereiland recently received the first PassiefBouwen Keur for a completed building in the Netherlands. Most important is that we try to convince all our clients to approach their project in a sustainable way.